Polytope Editor Update 2 - August 27th 2021

This document was last edited on November 7th 2022.


Added since Update 1:

  1. Saving and loading JavaScript files,
  2. The Graph Editor,
  3. 2D vector notation, and
  4. text editing bug fixes.

A state machine made with the graph editor (some of the console output on the right)

A strange combination of symbols

2D Vector notation

Next steps

  1. Writing about Polytope's design goals and talking to other people about it,
  2. making a Markdown editor.
I'm travelling for a week after this, so I'm making this update a bit early. Polytope is getting to the point where it could actually be a bit useful to me while I develop, but it is not quite dynamic enough to be there — it requires some manual work to add new notations.

I'm in a stage where I'm balancing adding features to illustrate my vision for the editor, adding features to make it useful for me, and designing a generalizable and robust framework to underly the features being added.

I want to start sharing and discussing Polytope with others soon. It's getting to a point where I've explored a ways into my vision for the editor. Now I want to know what it makes others think about! I'm always excited to see what others in the programming interactions community are thinking up, and I'm excited to try to get a bit more involved in that community.

If you want to see more-or-less everything that is in progress for Polytyope, visit the Polytope WIP Notion board.

Thanks for taking a look!

If you're interested in seeing more about Polytope development, you can follow me and message me on twitter here: @elliotokay. I also quickly created a Discord server if you want to discuss programming interaction and the Polytope editor! Thanks for taking a look at Update 2!