What if you could see qubits!? πŸ‘€

This talk was presented at PIQUE's one year anniversary event. I have edited the audio from that talk and put it here. Click play on the audio and the presentation slides will automatically play along.

Hi, I'm Elliot


  1. Ideation & Inspiration
  2. Visualizing a Qubit
  3. Future Work

Ideation & Inspiration πŸ‘€

About this project and what I made

Some beginner questions

Ideation Process

You can drag and zoom this design:

What is a qubit? πŸ€”


IBM's Hello Quantum

source: helloquantum.mybluemix.net

5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel

source: 5dchesswithmultiversetimetravel.com


source: store.steampowered.com/app/1318690/shapezio

Visualizing a Qubit πŸ‘€

Learnings and choices I made while visualizing qubits

What is a qubit? πŸ€”

Visualizing how qubits are - prior art

Bloch Spheres

  • + Elegant
  • + Physically Relevant
  • - A bit complicated

source: wikipedia CC BY-SA 3.0


  • + Actual outcome of quantum computation
  • - Classical information, not quantum
  • - Boring

Visualizing how qubits are - my solution

Arrow kets

  • + Show off superposition & phase(non-complex phase)
  • + Simple and color coded
  • - Limited

What is a qubit? πŸ€”

Conventional gates + gamification

Gates use conventional notation.

But there is a source and a goal, and wires can go in any direction.


Puzzle. Collect 10:

Future Work πŸ‘€

What is a qubit? πŸ€”

Visualizing entanglement - prior art

source: algassert.com/post/1716

Tetrahedron entanglement visualization

Click anywhere on this slide to see a 3D version.

I'm focusing on 2 qubits

Explorable Explanation

Coming up: an article explaining the basics of quantum computing with puzzles throughout!

Thank You for taking a look πŸ‘€


Appendix - References & Inspiration

To the best of my understanding, use of materials from these sources is acceptable under fair-use.

Appendix - Presentation Code