Polytope Editor Update 1 - August 21st 2021

This document was last edited on November 7th 2022.


In the past 10 days I've been working on four things:

  1. Planning and design for what's next,
  2. The Math Editor,
  3. Serialization & Deserialization of editor state,
  4. Putting it all together to get a ~usable prototype.
The prototype works, but the user experience is not fantastic. Almost everything could be done in a better way than how it is currently done in the prototype, but I'm very happy to have something working (and its already fun to play around with!). Here's some things that are possible with the editor now:

Javascript function written using math notation, and evaluated

Operator overloading in javascript

Playing around with the editor (video)

Saving and loading the editor to and from a Javascript string

Next steps

There's a lot of polytope features that I have notes on and am excited about, but the two features with the highest priority right now are:

  1. making the editing experience as nice as a text editor, but nicer looking, and
  2. making a graph editor.
Both these features are important because they will force me to really solidify the underlying Polytope framework so that I (and others) can easily build on-top of it in the future. If you want to see more-or-less everything that is in progress for Polytyope, visit the Polytope WIP Notion board.

If you're interested in Polytope development, you can follow me and message me on twitter here: @elliotokay. Thanks for taking a look at Update 1!