Hi, I'm Elliot. I am a Computer Science student from Calgary, Canada. This summer I am interning at Google where I am working on the CanvasKit open source project.

This website is a collection of my work.

I explore creativity on the web, on mobile, and in physical spaces. I use programming, visual art, design, and writing in my work.

Please message me if you want to get involved, have any questions or feedback, or just want to talk.

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web Joyride

2019 - Development and design in collaboration with Max Kurapov for Joyride.

web All of Her Business

2019 - Development and design in collaboration with Max Kurapov for All of Her Business.

article Creative Travel

2019 - An interactive article. Development, design, and watercolor art in collaboration with Max Kurapov.

web 4Birds

2019 - Development for the 4Birds team at the European Innovation Academy in Lisbon, Portugal.

article Visualizing Process With ES6 Generators

2018 - An interactive article. Learn how to use Javascript ES6 Generators creatively.

article Making the World From Scratch

2017 - An interactive article. Follow my process in creating a globe using Javascript.

other CAMP festival CAMPfire hologram

2016 - An interactive fire installation featured at the center of the CAMP festival in Calgary, Alberta. I developed the hologram software. I used WebGL and the leap motion API. The flame grew as the audience made noise, and shrunk when a hand was above it.

game Apocalypse Chess Online

2015 to present - A web and android online-multiplayer chess variant.

game It's a Date Then

2018 - I made this web game and its code, art, and music in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 41 Game Jam.

game Subito! Torpedo

2015 - A web game. Launch your torpedo! Buy upgrades to help you go the distance and ascend from the depths of the ocean.

Thank you for viewing my projects.

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